Roger Mac Constructions

Roger Mac Constructions is a European based company with ties to Australia. We specialize in conceiving and building unique, theme based buildings that are works of art in themselves. They are easily identified and recognisable, characterized by fantasy and symbolism. Each with a story to tell.

Our genius lies with our multitalented artist, inventor and visionary, “Roger”, the founder of this company who is an award winning “Nikola Tesla” in the art world.

Whether it’s a fairytale reception centre based on a piano on a grand scale, bohemian themed nightclub, outrageous commercial salons, futuristic swimming pool, unique highrise residential, amazing hotel rooms or 3D paintings. Our speciality is grand buildings with unique interiors and exteriors with attention to detail. You can count on us to realize it as we have already built it.

We also create eye catching fountains, staircases, domes, balconies, bars and kitchens with our unique, strong and long lasting materials.

We are looking to branch out and are seeking expression of interest from potential customers and government institutions worldwide.

On the basis on your need, wish or theme, you will work with our experienced team to create your dream project into reality. Some of the areas with which you might want our expertise are Concept or Themed:

  • Convention Centre
  • Hotel
  • Fortress/Castle
  • Casino
  • Museum
  • Shopping Centre
  • Aqua Park
  • Government Buildings
  • Holiday Resorts

Roger Mac Constructions is looking forward to working with you to put your business, community, city or country on the world map with our eye catching futuristic or classical designed buildings. Buildings that will be recognisable worldwide!